How to Use Online Shuffler Properly – 6 Tips

Do You Need an Accurate Letter Shuffler?

sentence shuffler tipsAn essay paraphrase is a rewritten version of what has already been written. We paraphrase so that we can reuse text without any issues to do with plagiarism or copying. We also do it to be able to target different audiences with our writing as well as simplifying or improving our writing. But many will want to use an online shuffler for their text due to paraphrasing being far harder to do than they expected.

A text shuffler will be able to provide you with unique text that will be different from the original in many ways. Many use a randomizer to reorganise sentence order and the selection of synonyms to swap out many of the original words. A shuffler online, however, is rarely going to be able to provide you with text that you can actually use for your audience.

Polls and studies have shown that around 60% of students admit to cheating in some way with their school work. Often this was plagiarizing material that was written by another. Most software tools that provide automatic rewriting are ineffective so many just take the risk of using the material that they have found. The problem today, however, is that more and more tutors are using software to check for plagiarism so your chances of getting caught are so much higher.

Using a random letters generator or an automatic shuffler online is not going to give you the help that you need. This is why you will want to use the advice that our experts provide for you to help to ensure that all of your rewriting will be done perfectly.

Tips for Perfect Paraphrasing

sentence shuffler paragraphBeing able to shuffle letters into words using an automatic tool is rarely going to reliably provide you with anything that you can actually use. A letter shuffle generator cannot actually read and understand your writing and as such will make many mistakes. True paraphrasing is about understanding and not about a simple word or letter shuffle.

The following tips for paraphrasing will help you to better understand how you can paraphrase and how you can do so effectively every time.

  • Read the original text until you are sure that you fully understand what it means: If you do not fully understand the text then you will not be able to repeat that meaning in your own words so it is vital that you do understand it.
  • Be clear as to why you are rewording and who your audience is: How you rewrite will be very different for instance if you are seeking to simplify something or if you want to avoid plagiarism with the writing.
  • Make simple notes of each of the points that are raised within the piece of writing using your own words: A good paraphrase will repeat all of the points that were raised in the original text.
  • Reorder the points until you have a clear flow for your own rewriting: It is not necessary to repeat the information in the same order that it appears in the original. Often it will make better sense for your audience in an alternative order and it will also help to ensure that writing is original.
  • Rewrite using only your reordered notes: Do not refer back to the original while writing and if possible try to leave as long as possible between your last reading of the source and your rewriting so that you are less familiar with the original wording.
  • Compare the original and your rewritten text and modify any text that you have unintentionally repeated: You will often repeat strings of text from the original and these should be changed. If however they just cannot be changed they should be enclosed in quotation marks to show that they are directly taken from the original.

The following advice from Colorado State is also very relevant:

You may find it useful to repeat the process several times. Revise your paraphrase, in other words. Examine your results carefully and compare them with the original to see that what you have written is original, gives credit and repeats the essential information.

Once you have completed the rewriting make sure that you carefully proofread and conduct a sentence formation check to ensure that it is well written, unlike that produced by a word or letter randomizer. You will never achieve the same quality as a real person if you try to use a word generator from letters given, but you still need to carefully check your writing so that no errors slip through.

Shuffle Online with the Best

sentence shuffler helpWe can help you to ensure that your paraphrasing will always be done perfectly through the help and support of our highly skilled and qualified experts. Through us, you will always work with someone that is qualified in the subject area of your source text to ensure that they fully understand it. All of our rewritings is guaranteed to be unique to you, error free, and always delivered on time. We also provide you with a full satisfaction money back guarantee on every service.

If you want to submit rewritten text that is done perfectly and accurately for your audience just get in touch with our online shuffler service to work with highly qualified and experienced rewriters!